The perfect cheese and wine night-in

by Bolney Wine Estate Limited January 18, 2021


Although weekend nights may look a little different right now, that doesn’t mean they can’t still be filled with nice food, great wine and good fun. This weekend, plan the perfect cheese and wine night-in with your loved ones, or treat yourself and indulge in the ultimate self-care evening.

Cheese and Wine Night-In

At Bolney we’re passionate about our wines and ensuring our customers know the best ways to enjoy them. One such way is paired with food, and many of our wines are perfectly complimented by a slice of creamy cheese.  But with such a wide range of both, how do you know which wine compliments that classic rich cheddar you love, and which pairs perfectly with your favourite creamy brie?

We've created the ultimate guide to hosting your very own cheese and wine evening with everything you need to find the perfect wine, cracker and chutney pairings for your favourite cheeses. Download our guide below to start planning the perfect night-in this weekend.

Once you've decided on your favourite matches, explore our Cheese and Wine Collection to find the perfect pairings. Plus discover our brand new Wine and Cheese Boxes and enjoy the most mouth-watering matches!

Download cheese and wine tasting guide


Bolney Wine Estate Limited
Bolney Wine Estate Limited