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by Bolney Wine Estate Limited July 24, 2020

Cheese and Wine Tasting

Nothing goes together better than cheese and wine so hosting your own cheese and wine party is the perfect excuse to share some memories and laughs over a couple of glasses of wine (or more. But with such a wide range of both, how do you know which wine compliments that classic rich cheddar you love, and which pairs perfectly with your favourite creamy brie?

Well we happen to know a thing or two about wine and food pairings! So to celebrate National Wine and Cheese Day on Saturday 25th July, we've created the ultimate guide to hosting your very own cheese and wine evening with everything you'll need! Whether you are looking for a cosy night in with your loved one or a sophisticated soirée with friends, our guide will help you find the perfect wine, cracker and chutney pairings for your favourite cheeses, and guide you through how to host your tasting.

Explore our Cheese and Wine Evening Collection to find the perfect wine and cheese pairings. From our delicate Lychgate Rosé paired with Wyfe of Bath or our fresh Pinot Gris with English Farmhouse Cheddar. We’ve also got delicious crackers, chutneys and fruit purées for the perfect accompaniments.

Download our guide below to start planning an unforgettable evening.

Download cheese and wine tasting guide

Here's a few of our favourite pairings

Pinot Noir - The light elegance of our Pinot Noir pairs perfectly with less richly flavoured foods like creamy brie. We recommend combining this with a savoury crispbread and a fruity but tangy chutney for the perfect pairing.

Cheese and Red Wine 260 x 201








Cuvée Rosé - The balanced, fresh acidity of our Cuvée Rosé cuts through fatty foods beautifully. The fruit and brioche notes make this wine the perfect pairing for rich cheddar. Combine with a savoury crispbread with subtle flavours and a fruity chutney.

Cheese and Rose Wine 260 x 201






Lychgate Rosé - Blue cheeses, such as our Molecomb Blue or our Brighton Blue, pair perfectly with our delicate and fresh Lychgate Rosé. Notes of red fruit lead to a refreshing palate with undertones of vanilla, which is a great match with the salty tangy flavours in blue cheese. 


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