Explore our English vineyard this autumn

by Bolney Wine Estate Limited September 02, 2020

With the autumn and winter months fast approaching, it’s time to look for new ways to explore. Wrap up warm and indulge in a moment of luxury at Bolney Wine Estate.

You may lean towards visiting us in the sunnier months however, with quieter crowds, flourishing seasonal wines, and comforting landscapes, visiting us during the colder months is the perfect autumn/winter day out.

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It may be a quieter time of the year for many businesses, but here at Bolney the hard work continues as our vineyard teams are busy preparing our vines for another year of grape growing and wine making.

For our winery, it’s a time when everything has settled down post-harvest and there are no more grapes to be pressed, this is where the real work in the winery begins. It is a busy time for our winery team where they’ll also be disgorging and labelling wines in the run up to Christmas, so don’t expect to find the team sitting down!

Find out more about what’s going on in the vineyard on one of our autumn tours and maybe even see the team in action.

Take a walk around the vineyard, enjoy the crisp winter air and then keep yourself warm in our Eighteen Acre Café with a wine flight and a choice of great dishes from our winter menu. Maybe even a grab a coffee or a hot chocolate if there’s a real nip in the air!

What to expect on a November tour at Bolney

Join us for a unique winter vineyard experience, stroll around the vines, explore our winery and take part in a wine tasting and then indulge in our perfect food pairings.

On our autumn tours you will be offered a special tank tasting in the winery, which is available during November only. If you book on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, the Tank Tasting will be conducted by our Winemaker.

The tasting part of the tour will have a festive focus, looking at the best Bolney wines to enjoy over the festive season and pair with your Christmas menu.

On our Ultimate Wine and Food Tasting with Tour you will also be offered a choice of mulled wine or sparkling wine as your welcome drink as well as a special festive twist for your meal.

November tour dates are now available, explore and book HERE.

Bolney Wine Estate Limited
Bolney Wine Estate Limited